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Love is in the Hair.

Japanese Style Hair Salon
in Los Angeles
The quality of "AUBE HAIR", a salon with over
200 locations
across Japan, is now available in LA.
Using the latest equipment and techniques,
we make the beauty you envision a reality.
Holidays Hours
Dec 8 2021 UPDATE
Hello value costumers!
We would like to inform you that our business hours will be change for holidays.
12/25-Christmas day. 10:00am to 4:00pm.
12/31-New Years Eve. CLOSED
1/1 -New Years.        CLOSED
※To all Yudai’s clients, he also will taking off these days in below.
Yudai- 01/02/2022 to 01/06/2022( Not Available)
Thank you for all of your supporting and understanding! We couldn’t make this far without each of you.
AUBE Hair Salon Los Angeles
Tel: 424-268-8510
Instagram : @aubecasantamonica
Dear Clients
June 04 2020
As your hair service provider we want our clients to feel safe and comfortable during the visit to our salon. Because of the COVID19, we would like to take extra measures to make sure that our salon is clean and safe by following the government’s guidelines or even more.
-Pre booking requests-
In order to avoid contact between customers, we will set the reservation time with grace. Please understand that it may be harder to make a reservation than before.We are still welcoming walk-ins. But, please understand that we will give priority to customers with reservations.
For the prevention of infection and health of other customers and employees, please refrain from visiting our salon if you are feeling sick.If you feel any abnormality on the day, please contact us as soon as possible. We can cancel your appointment and 24-hour cancellation policy will be abolished.
The locker exclusively for our customers will be temporary unavailable to prevent infection.There will be a small space at your own station, so please come with minimal baggage.
We will discontinue magazine and drink service to prevent infection.
Please wear a face mask to the salon and keep it during the visit. Please ask us at the door if you happened to forget it. We should have extra masks in hand but if you didn’t and we are it and we happen to be out of them, we have to ask you to not enter the salon.
In order to secure a social distance, we are limiting the number of people inside the salon by controlling the appointments. Please understand that only people with an appointment will be allowed to come inside and wait. We can treat two people (friends, family etc.) at the same time by two different stylists. Please understand that we must secure the safe distance for each client by law regardless of their relationship.
Please let us know if you are accompanying a child, elderly, or someone who needs special care.We will make sure to secure the extra space.
-Prior and after arrival request-
Request for strict adherence to the reservation time.
Even if you come to the salon early, if the service of the previous customer, the station's cleaning and disinfection are not completed, we may ask you to wait outside until the time to prevent infection.
We may cancel the reservation if you are late for your reservation and it affects the next customer's reservation.
If your reservation time is affected due to the circumstances of our salon, we will contact you by phone or text messaging at any time, so please check once before visiting.
After your arrival, please follow our staff to the restroom and wash and sanitize your hands.Please follow the same procedure every time you reenter the salon.
Please feel free to ask for more sanitizer or disinfectant if you need to clean your hands or belongings.
Best regards,
Yudai Harada & staff member
AUBE Hair Salon Los Angeles
Tel: 424-268-8510 Instagram : @aubecasantamonica
Dear Customers
June 08 2020
We think that many people come to the salon with anxiety and worry due to the influence of the new coronavirus. We thoroughly implement the best preparation and preventive measures so that our customers can visit our salon with peace of mind.
We are taking the following measures to prevent new coronavirus infection.
☆ Infection prevention measures based on state regulations.
・ Use of disinfectants registered with EPA
・ Employees are trained and certified by Barbicide, (EPA registered company makes hospitalgrade disinfectant) for infection control
・ Employees wearing masks
・ Employee health management (Including monitoring body temperature)
・ Thorough hand disinfection of employees
・ Customer wearing mask
・ Request for hand disinfection when visiting customers .
・ Secure social distance of customer chair (6 feet)
・ Adjustment and management of reservation time to avoid overlapping customers
・ Refusal to visit customers who are not feeling well
・ Self-restraint such as handshake and hug
☆ Sanitation environment of the salon. ・ Cleaning / disinfecting the salon before opening every day
・ Washing / disinfecting capes, towels and linen through the day
・ Cleaning / disinfecting equipment and tools after each client
・ Regular ventilation
・ Disinfect every time the front door is used
・ Disinfect reception counter, writing instruments, telephone, etc. every 1-2 hours.
・ Disinfection every time the touch panel is used for payment
・ Cleaning / disinfecting the restroom after each use
・ Cleaning / disinfection before and after service
・ Cleaning / disinfecting entire station before and after customer use
・ Cleaning / disinfecting each time the shampoo station is used
・ Cleaning / disinfecting wagons and drawers before and after each service
・ Replacement of cape and towels with each client
・ Cleaning / disinfecting scissors, combs, brushes, clips and clippers after each service
・ Cleaning / disinfecting color bowls and brushes
・ Dispose and cover non-disinfectable items such as foils, plastic wraps, perm paper, cotton balls, etc. after each use
☆ Elimination of services that increase the risk of exposure to the virus due to sharing with other people.
・ Drink service
・ Magazines
・ The lockers

PromiseSoothing moments in a
relaxed atmosphere.

The stylists at our hair salon are Japanese beauticians that have extensive experience working in Japan and are highly skilled.

At our salon, we are using Japanese and local products, as our chemicals, furniture, and chairs.

Customers can rely on their personal stylists for everything from the instant they set foot in our salon; from shampooing to cutting, dying, perming, and styling; from start to finish.

We have prepared an environment where we provide the exact same quality from Tokyo in Los Angeles.

We promise soothing moments in a relaxed atmosphere.


Over 200 hair salons in Japan
and 12 overseas

AUBE HAIR group operates 200 beauty hair salons in Japan and 12 overseas, and with the latest equipment, treatments and state-of-the-art techniques we make our customers'beauty ideas a reality.
In the interior, we make abundant use of popular furniture brands and imported goods, as a trend-setting beauty shop should, and we continue to create salons that are in keeping with the times and stimulate our customers'senses.



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salon info

1422 2nd Street,Suite B,
Santa Monica,CA 90401
Mon - Sat 10:00 - 20:00
Sunday 9:00 - 19:00
TEL 424-268-8510